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About Destiny


After graduating with my marketing degree I set out to find my passion. After working for big and small companies but nothing felt right. Even though I got my license while in school I did not know what exactly I wanted to do. It wasn't until a family friend was interested in selling their home came to me and expressed how she was having trouble getting a good deal and simply she did not know what she was doing. but could not find a I wanted to use what I learned to help people. While using my knowledge of marketing and first hand experience of the city I knew that I couldn't keep all this information to myself. In order to help others and share what I know I  decided to become an agent to help others along their path. Real estate has many different sides; selling, buying and investing and Im here to make it easier. I am ready to show you the finest, most exclusive listings, with an eye to your own particular taste and needs. You can rely on me to help you realize the full potential of your luxury real estate investment while maintaining your privacy in the strictest fashion.

You could search for your next home all by yourself. But why? With me at your side, finding the perfect home or selling is easier, faster, and a lot more fun.

A great agent can offer valuable advice and coach you through the entire home-buying process. Yet many buyers still spend endless hours poring through classified ads, driving all over town, and viewing dozens of unsuitable properties while many sellers think a post will get their home sold– simply because they haven't connected with a licensed real estate agent. In today’s information world, having an experienced agent working to decode and guide you through the chaos is invaluable. 

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